Video: Jake Paul runs for his life from Floyd Mayweather in confrontation on street

Is this the prelude to another boxing match?

Floyd Mayweather confronted Jake Paul in Miami outside the Heat game on Wednesday night, approaching the YouTuber-turned-boxer with his entourage outside of Miami-Dade Arena.

Paul, who appeared to only have one security guard with him, engaged in the interaction for a few moments before taking off running – not exactly the cocky attitude Paul traditionally tries to show in front of the cameras.

“Look, he’s running! Jake Paul running champ! Why is he running?” someone is heard saying in the video.

The 26-year-old later went on Instagram in an attempt to clear the air.

“So I’m leaving the Miami Heat game and Floyd Mayweather and 50 dudes pull up out of nowhere, out of like some side alley, waiting for me outside the stadium, and they’re like, ‘So what’s up? What’s all that talk now?’” Paul said.

“I’m like, first of all, what did I say to you, Floyd? I just took your hat and you’re still mad about it? Come on, bro. And then 50 dudes literally start surrounding me to jump me, and I’m out that b***h, OK?”

Paul was referring to an incident at a pre-fight media event in 2021 for Mayweather’s exhibition match with his brother, Logan Paul, also a YouTuber-turned-boxer.

In a scene that visibly angered Mayweather, Jake took the hat off the boxing legend’s head, leading to members of Mayweather’s crew attacking Paul.

Wednesday’s altercation didn’t have anything to do with the hat incident and rather other comments that Paul made to Mayweather, TMZ reported.

“Jake crossed the line. This wasn’t about grabbing a hat. This was about Jake’s comments to Floyd about Floyd’s deceased family member and other below-the-belt inappropriate behaviour,” a source told TMZ.

While on Instagram, Paul challenged Mayweather to a boxing match.

“You wanna run it one-on-one, no problem. But I’m not dumb. Okay? I’m tough, I don’t need to prove my toughness., but I’m not f**king dumb. I’m not gonna sit there and try to fight 50 dudes.”

Members of Mayweather’s crew were clearly sceptical of him talking trash virtually instead of in person, with the same source telling TMZ: “Jake went to his IG and started name calling once again when he can hide behind a camera.”

This article was originally published by the New York Post and reproduced with permission

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