Vegemite: Limited-edition labels, tribute to tennis great Ash Barty

Australia’s favourite spread Vegemite is launching a limited-edition range of fan favourite meals that can be made using the iconic flavour as an ingredient.

The special Vegemite jars and squeezy products will hit supermarket shelves on Thursday and feature a rotation of the six “Mitey Meal” labels.

Nachos, bolognese, pizza, stir fry and pho are all meals that have been reinvented by Australians using the iconic spread.

One of the jars will feature a nod to recently retired tennis great Ash Barty, who has proudly shared her take on a classic chicken parmigiana – the Barty Parmy.

The limited-edition labels feature a scannable QR code, which reveals a recipe for each meal on the jar.

“The Mitey Meals labels reflect how Vegemite can add a uniquely Aussie taste to much-loved recipes,” Vegemite marketing manager Jess Hoare said.

“We apologise in advance if adding Vegemite to meals was your well-kept secret ingredient.”

While many say you can’t go past the simplicity of vegemite spread on a slice of toast over a coat of butter, the new range highlights the versatile ways Aussies use the spread.

In a Facebook poll conducted in August, the brand found that of all the creative ways to use vegemite in their meals, bolognese was the clear winner.

The majority (60 per cent) of respondents said they loved using Vegemite in their cooking, while the other 40 per cent had never tried it but were keen to start.

Vegemite lovers shared some of their favourite ways to use the spread in the comments.

Gravy, soup, scones, cheese puffs and chocolate truffles were among some of the ideas that didn’t quite make the cut in the new range.

Mitey Meals will be available in all major supermarkets in the 150g, 380g and 560g jars as well as the 200g and 350g Squeezy products.

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