UFC news 2022: Jack Becker suffers horrific broken leg in MMA fight


UFC hopeful Jack Becker has suffered a horrific injury in Perth, with his leg “turning into a noodle”. WARNING: Graphic.

MMA prospect Jack Becker has suffered a horrific broken leg in what many thought would be his final outing before signing for the UFC.

The Australian lightweight fighter was looking to get signed by mixed martial arts’ premier promotion this past weekend at Eternal MMA in Perth, The Sun reports.

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But his hopes of competing in the Octagon in the near future were cruelly delayed by a nasty leg break seconds into his rematch with Aidan Aguilera.

The Eternal MMA lightweight champion’s right leg snapped in two thanks to a perfect check from Aguilera.

The sickening snap echoed throughout the arena, which was left aghast as Becker collapsed to the canvas as he tried to put weight on his leg.

Becker lay on the cage floor in agony as the referee tended to him and hastily ushered in medical staff.

Becker was in good spirits in the hospital and even made a joke about the premature end to the fight.

Alongside a snap of himself looking at his mangled limb, Becker wrote on Instagram: “Early stoppage.”

He later posted: “The game is to get as ready as you can. Train your heart out and rock up to take risks and put it all on the line. I did that and so did my team. Everybody who came out and made some noise, it was an experience I’ll never forget, I’m looking forward to feeling it again when I can. Was all going to plan till my leg turned into a noodle.

“@aidanaguileramma I’m glad the belt is bequeathed to a man who values spicey highlights & sportsmanship. I’m sorry that’s how it went down. We deserved more than 22 seconds after the wait we had to perform. Defend the belt and enjoy it cos you deserve to.

“It’s gonna take me a while to get back to all the nice messages. I’m good and I appreciate the thoughts. IL be back moving soon enough. I really wish I could have shown a little more. But that’s the way it goes sometimes.”

Aguilera was quick to send a message of support Becker‘s way, writing on Instagram: “You don’t play MMA, it can be incredibly unforgiving and cruel.

“Nothing but respect for (Becker) on how he conducts himself inside and outside the cage.

“After it happened his first concern was sitting up so he could gesture to the crowd that he was ok – took it like an absolute gangster and was able to have a laugh even before the green whistle was brought in.

“You’re a champion jack and I hope to represent the same qualities in my reign.

“I have no doubt you have the strength and grit to get through the tough road ahead and I look forward to seeing you back.”

This article originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission

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