Tyson Fury retirement call in Piers Morgan interview, Boxing news after Dillian Whyte fight

Heavyweight champion Tyson Fury has told Piers Morgan “the gospel truth” as he was grilled by the TV star about swirling rumours.

Heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury has told Piers Morgan he is definitely retiring after his epic Dillian Whyte knockout.

The English fighter has emerged as one of the greatest boxer’s in history after his stunning KO of Whyte on Sunday capped of an unbeaten career as the baddest man on the planet.

The Sun reports Fury has told the high-profile news commentator his retirement is for real this time.

The Gypsy King, 33, said “This is the truth, the gospel truth, nothing but the truth. I’m done”.

“I’ve still got my brains, I can still talk. I’ve got a beautiful wife and six kids. I’ve got umpteen belts, I’ve got plenty of money. Success, fame, glory.

“What more am I doing it for? Boxing’s a very dangerous sport. You can be taken out with one punch, and it only takes one unlucky blow and you may not get up off that canvas.

“Every good dog has its day. And like a good Roman leader said, there will always be someone else to fight. When is enough enough?”

Fury, the second man in history to retire as undefeated heavyweight champion — after Rocky Marciano in 1956 — also insisted he wasn’t interested in another massive pay day.

It comes after the boxing world went into meltdown when he stood alongside UFC heavyweight champion Francis Ngannou in the ring after his victory and declared interest in a cross-promotion blockbuster.

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He has now told Morgan: “I’m very contented in my heart, what I’ve achieved.

“You know, a lot of people in this world, everything’s about money and more money and more money.

“I’ve got enough of everything I need. I’m a very simple man. I drive an ’07 VW Passat. I don’t need tons of money.”

“I have four young kids to raise and two older ones. When do I have time to be a father, a husband, a son?

“Fans always want more. They are always baying for blood. I have given all I have got.”

Piers said of Fury’s initial retirement announcement after Sunday’s fight: “Everybody was groaning. Nobody wanted to hear that. And your wife looked to me like she said, ‘No he’s not’.

“Why would you retire? You’re at the peak of your powers.

“There are still one or two massive fights left for you.”

Piers also asked Fury’s opinion on cancel culture. The boxer replied: “The world has gone mad. There’s only freedom of speech until it upsets somebody then it doesn’t exist any more.

“It’s a shame that people like yourself (Piers) can’t say stuff. You’re going to offend this person, that person. You can’t please everybody.

“You can’t speak the truth and say what you think. It’s become crazy.”

Tyson was also asked about a conversation he had with Donald Trump — with Piers claiming the former President told the boxer he will run again in 2024.

Fury replied: “I think he’ll be running again 100 per cent. Why not?

“I’m not going to say what he did or didn’t say in a private conversation, but let me just say I think he’ll go on and be President.”

He stepped into the ring on Piers’ new Uncensored show on TalkTV.

It comes after the world heavyweight beat Dillian Whyte, 34, in front of 94,000 spectators at Wembley on Saturday, landing more than twice as many punches as his opponent.

His winning hit was so powerful Fury begged the referee to end the bout as his opponent writhed in the canvas.

— This story originally appeared on thesun.co.uk and has been republished with permission

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