Tennis 2023: Nick Kyrgios talks retirement, conspiracies on Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE

Controversial Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios has revealed he doesn’t believe pyramids are man-made on the IMPAULSIVE podcast with Logan Paul.

Guest starring on Logan Paul’s IMPAULSIVE podcast — which hosts 4.4 million subscribers — saw Kyrgios’ speaking candidly about the conspiracies like flat Earthers, the moon landing being faked and the possibility the pyramids of Egypt weren’t made by humans.

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“I don’t think the pyramids are man-made,” he said, in agreement with host Paul.

“No way. How do they line up in perfect symmetry all around the Earth?” Paul said

“The doors are pretty big, and we as humans don’t need doors as big as those ones,” Kyrgios added, referring to the pyramid entryways.

Another host chimed in: “But other species …”

Kyrgios also spoke about the possibility of retiring if he had beaten world No. 1 Novak Djokovic in the All-England Club final.

“That was my chance, that was really my chance,” he said on Wednesday’s episode.

“If I’d honestly won, I think I would have retired at least for a year or two.”

Kyrgios firmed up his desire to win a slam one day but conceded that it’s “almost impossible” to do so.

“It’s tough because you play four or five hours and then you have one day off and then you have to do it again,” he said.

“And then that’s seven times in a row to win a grand slam. So it’s almost impossible.

“I think I can win a grand slam. Wimbledon I was right there. I was two sets away.

“I won the first set and I thought ‘this is it’. And then I just didn’t stay in the moment and he stayed super composed.

“I feel like I could do that. It’s weird, but I feel like it’s not even for me though.

“I feel like it’s for everyone else. All the haters as well. I could finally just rest. I could just go home and sleep in my bed and not deal with the s***.”

The world No. 19 told the podcast about his mental health struggle of three or four years ago when he used to drink every day — including during major tournaments.

The episode comes after IMPAULSIVE hosts Logan Paul, Mike Majlak, and George Janko, recently paid a visit to Perth for the UFC 284 event.

While here, Paul shared an iconic quokka selfie with his internet following and others of himself frolicking with his entourage on Rottnest.

The hosts also made the effort to share their appreciation for Perth in a recent episode.

Mike Majlak was the first to rave about Perth saying: “We spent the beginning of this trip in Perth, this country is awesome, the people are awesome, it is an awesome place”.

Paul agreed when guest KSI said: “Everyone is so friendly, I didn’t expect that”.

Paul then said he was surprised at just how friendly everyone was.

“Australians are going to come at me because I always understood that Australians are kind of crazy but everyone is so nice and the energy … it was new to me.”

This story first appeared on Perth Now and was republished with permission.

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