Teen charged after ex-Matilda Elissia Carnavas allegedly carjacked live on air

A former Young Matildas star has opened up about the moment she was allegedly carjacked live on air.

Elissia Carnavas, 37, was speaking to SEN Radio’s The Global Game in Brisbane on Tuesday night when she let out a series of terrified screams.

“I have no idea what has gone on there, I really hope Elissia is OK,” said a clearly stunned and worried Simon Hill, who hosts The Global Game.

What Hill did not know was Ms Carnavas’ car had been surrounded by a group while she was parked on the side of the road on Temple St, Coorparoo.

One of the group allegedly brandished a knife as they attempted to get inside the car before driving off when they were unable to do so.

Ms Carnavas listened to the chilling segment for the first time in full on Thursday morning and admitted it was “confronting”.

“That is the first time I’ve had the audio in full,” she told Sunrise.

“To be honest, it is definitely confronting.”

When she listened to the audio again later on the Today show, she said it was “a bit creepy” to hear.

Ms Carnavas explained she had pulled over on the side of the road to do her planned radio segment and thought she would not be put in any danger.

“I figured if I just pull over a couple of blocks from home and just did my segment very quickly, it’s going to save potentially waking up kids, being live on air with kids in the background, all the things you have to think about as a mum,” she told the Today show.

“I didn’t ever think in my own neighbourhood that something like that would be a risk … it’s not something you consider. It’s your comfort place, comfort zone in your own car.”

She described the group as “intimidating” as they tried to force entry into her car.

“They made a point of jumping out and intimidating me pretty significantly. Jumping around the car and trying to get into the car as well,” Ms Carnavas told Sunrise.

“(I was) just juggling two sets of situations, feeling quite threatened but also being live on air.”

Ms Carnavas said there was a heightened level of awareness throughout the Brisbane community following recent high-profile criminal incidents.

“I didn‘t think it would ever happen to me … it’s not something that really ever crosses with your mind,” she told Sunrise.

“But there is definitely an awareness in communities and definitely an awareness in and around Brisbane.

“We’ve got a problem to be honest.”

Ms Carnavas was not physically harmed in the incident.

At 8pm on Wednesday, Queensland Police arrested a 14-year-old boy at a Goodna address.

He was subsequently charged with multiple offences, including three counts of armed robbery, two counts of unlawful use of a motor vehicle, and one count each of burglary and attempted enter dwelling with intent.

He is expected to appear in the Brisbane Children’s Court.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk acknowledged there was community concern surrounding youth gang-related crime.

“I acknowledge that there is public concern out there at the moment when it comes to issues around these young criminals,” she told Sunrise.

“It is about 10 per cent of the troublemakers that are causing these issues. Of course we are sitting down, it is of course a government issue. I do understand that there is community concern, let me make that very clear.”

Hill praised Ms Carnavas’ bravery following the ordeal while also describing the incident as the “most terrifying moment” of his career.

“Shout out to Elissia Carnavas who had an awful experience tonight live on air as thieves attempted to hijack her car. Thankfully, she got out of that situation and is fine,” he posted to Twitter.

“The most terrifying moment of my career that’s for sure, and we’re just relieved she’s OK.”

SEN also released a statement after the terrifying live interview.

“To all who heard Elissia Carnavas on air, she is OK,” a spokesperson said.

“A scary situation which she has managed to get herself out of. We thank everyone for their concern.”

Ms Carnavas made history as the first African-born woman to feature in an Australian national team when she played for the Young Matildas in 2001.

She was instrumental in the 2021 independent review of the Matildas team after allegations of bullying, intimidation and inappropriate behaviour towards certain members of the side.

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