Red Bull plane swap video: Pilot fails to complete mid-air stunt

One plane plummeted nose first towards the ground after two pilots’ mid-air “plane swap” stunt didn’t go exactly according to plan.

Red Bull may give you wings, but sometimes a crash landing can’t be avoided.

The energy drink company tried to pull off one of its most audacious stunts ever over the long weekend — but only 50 per cent of it went to plan.

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Daredevil pilots and cousins Luke Aikins and Andy Farrington tried to complete a “plane swap” in mid-air in Arizona, America, and footage of the incredible attempt reveals just how scary their mission was.

The two Cessna 182 planes the pair were piloting nosedived before they jumped out. They were about 12,000 feet (3600m) in the air when they made their leap of faith, as Aikins attempted to sail across into Farrington’s cockpit and vice versa.

Aikins successfully skydived into the other plane, righted its path and landed it safely on the runway. But Farrington wasn’t able to do the same and the aircraft he was supposed to take control of continued to nosedive towards the ground.

Red Bull said the safety mechanisms were activated on the plane as its own parachute opened up, but it was still “damaged”.

Thankfully, Farrington was safe and his parachute worked perfectly as he took a different route back down to stable ground.


“We proved that it was possible. I mean, we’re pushing boundaries out here,” Aikins said. “What’s great is I jumped from one, I got in the other one, we landed, I landed safely, Andy landed safely under a parachute, the plane landed under a parachute.

“All of our safety protocols worked.”

Farrington added: “We’re there, all the numbers matched up and everything like that. Everything should have been good to go.

“For some reason it wasn’t that way but at the end of the day, we’re both good to go, everybody’s safe and sound and I guess that’s the important part.”

Red Bull said on its website the plane swap attempt was 10 years in the making and both pilots were hoping to become the first people to ever successfully complete such a stunt.

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