Panthers players defend heated Jarome Luai-Jaeman Salmon post-game altercation

Panthers players have defended the post-game spat between Jarome Luai and Jaeman Salmon, following a shock opening round loss to Brisbane. 

The pair were involved in a heated altercation on the field following the 13-12 defeat last Friday night, with cameras capturing the argument between the players.

Luai was torching the bench utility over a miscommunication, but Salmon fired back and told the NSW Origin playmaker he was ‘blaming him’ for the mix-up.

Speaking to the media on Tuesday, Penrith fullback Dylan Edwards revealed those types of incidents occur all the time within the four walls out west. 

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“It’s probably one of the first times that it’s been captured on camera after the game when the cameras are around. It happens all the time,” he said.

“It’s good to have a bit of conflict like that because it keeps everyone accountable, and that’s important to a team.

“That’s just rugby league. It’s high octane, emotions are going and people need to be held accountable for where you want to be on the field. I’ve been on the receiving end and I’ve given a few too.

“You always want to be where you need to be. If you need a spray, then you get a spray, and I think that’s important to the team.”

Penrith haven’t won the past two premierships by accident, with their tenacity and competitive nature blowing competition rivals off the park on multiple occasions.

Representative second-rower Liam Martin also brushed aside any potential dramas and admitted he has copped his fair share of outbursts from Luai.

“I’m on the receiving end every training session from Jarome. I always hear him yelling across from the other side of the field,” he said.

“He loves always getting into you. He’s very passionate. That’s why we love playing with him. That’s the best part of his game, his passion.

“They are both very passionate, we were very disappointed with the loss. Holding each other accountable is fine. There is nothing wrong with it. It would probably be worse if they glazed over it and didn’t speak about it.

“That’s what we’ve built here with our culture. Ivan (Cleary) always speaks about it, the hardest thing is pulling people up.

“They’ve built a culture here when someone’s not doing what is right for the club they can pull them up and hold them accountable. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

The reigning champions will look to rebound from their Round 1 loss when they take on South Sydney on Thursday night.

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