NRL Supercoach 2023: Comprehensive guide on how to play, how to score points, strategies and more

NRL Supercoach is set to begin this week and with the addition of the Dolphins in 2023 comes major changes to not just the actual competition but also the game within the game.

The salary cap has increased, as has player’s ability to make those all-important trades while an overhaul on the bye rounds is sure to catch plenty of attention.

The Sporting News has compiled a comprehensive guide on how to navigate the season and come out on top in Supercoach.

NOTE: All instructions are based on The Daily Telegraph’s NRL Supercoach game.


The Supercoach competition coincides with the start of the NRL season, with the meeting between Parramatta and Melbourne on Thursday, March 2nd ushering in a brand-new campaign.  

The two variations of the game revolve around the Classic version, where each person is given an identical salary cap in which to build their squad, and the Draft version that doesn’t adhere to the cap and instead focuses on unique player selections.


Last year’s $10 million cap has increased to $11.45 million to mirror the actual rise in the NRL.

Only your starting 17 will accumulate points, but it is important to make wise selections with your remaining eight players who will provide backup and hopefully help earn cash from the bench.


Once you’ve registered, you’re faced with the first big decision of the game, coming up with a team name.

You also get to choose your experience level; beginner, intermediate or expert which will better align you to other players in public leagues that you can choose to enter with your team.

When this has been done, you will be taken through to the ‘My Team’ portal where the fun really begins- picking a 25-man squad.

Position Code Number of selections required
Hookers HOK Two 
Front Rowers FRF Four
2nd Row Forwards 2RF Six
Halfbacks HFB Two
Five-Eighths  5/8 Two
Centre/Wings CTW Seven
Fullbacks FLB Two

NOTE: Select players have dual position status which gives you the freedom to select them across two different positions.

During the season, these will be amended according to an individual’s actual positioning within the NRL. The updates will be done ahead of rounds 6, 12 and 18.


Upon registering for Supercoach, you’ll automatically be added to a public league. However, you can also create/join a private league as well, via the ‘Leagues’ page.

Joining a private league requires a code, which the league administrator was provided upon creating it. Most leagues are head-to-head leagues, where each week you will play another Supercoach player and attempt to outscore them with your team for competition points. 


Statistic Points awarded/ deducted
Try 17
Try Assist 12
Try Contribution  4
Goal 4
Missed Goal -2
Field Goal 5
Missed Field Goal -1
Tackle 1
Missed Tackle -1
Holding Player Up In-Goal 3
Tackle Bust 2
Effective Offload 4
Ineffective Offload 2
Linebreak 10
Linebreak Assist 8
40/20 & 20/40  10
Forced Drop Out 6
Hit-up (eight metres or more) 2
Hit-up (under eight metres) 1
Kick And Regather 8
Intercept 5
Penalty Conceded  -2
Error -2
Kick Dead -3
Sin Bin/Send-Off  -8/-16


The addition of the 17th franchise, the Dolphins, has brought about plenty of obstacles.

In the NRL, the season has increased from 25 to 27 rounds as each week a side will have a bye to accommodate due to the uneven number of teams in the comp.

For the main bye rounds, where a majority of teams are out of action, there is a new scoring system. In rounds 13, 16 and 19, only the score of your best 13 players will count. 

Four more trades have also been added, bringing the season total up to 46 with the maximum number of trades per round remaining at two.

Although, five ‘Trade Boosts’ can be applied during the season, giving players an extra trade during rounds when they need them.

In the Draft version of the game, the option to play a ‘Best 13’ across the major bye rounds has also been included, while greater control and customisation has been introduced through things such as an ability to pause the live draft.


  • Cheap rookies should be your bread and butter: Stack your bench with cheap ‘Cash Cows’ who will earn you money while your big names notch the big scores. You only have to play 17 of your 25 players, meaning that the rookies can make cash even if they don’t score massively. If you choose wisely, you can then upgrade your cheapies with gun players. 
  • Do your research on big names: Try not to get caught selecting a player purely on the basis of their popularity. Superstar status doesn’t always equate to Supercoach value. 
  • Don’t burn your trades too early: Every trade is crucial. They are most useful in the Origin period when players are in camp or being rested from club duties.
  • Monitor breakevens: This is the most useful method in which to predict price changes within the market and make money with your team.


A breakeven is the number that determines how a player’s value fluctuates. It is the approximate score the player has to reach for his price not to fall in value.

For example, if a player’s breakeven is 65 and they score 50, their price will come down. If a player has a breakeven of 40 and they score 60, their price will rise.

They must play a minimum of three games, and each breakeven is determined on a three-round rolling average.


Most rookie Supercoaches go in with the idea that points win games. But just like the real world, money talks.

You may start with $11.45 million in your pocket, but that figure can grow over time.

The secret: ‘Cash Cows’. Or in simple terms, those players who start at a cheaper price and soar in value owing to their performance out on the field.

These players are the backbone to every successful Supercoach side, as they allow for you to upgrade and build the ultimate fantasy side as the season progresses.


  • Register for KFC NRL Supercoach and select a 25-man squad under a $11.45 million salary cap for the Classic version of the game. 
  • Pick your chosen 17 (13 starters and four reserves) each weekend who will be eligible to score points. 
  • Within the allotted selection of players, you must choose a captain – who will score double points – and a vice-captain who will serve as their back-up.
  • Your squad of two hookers, four props, six backrowers, two halfbacks, two five-eighths, seven centre/wings and two fullbacks will score points based on their on-field displays in the NRL.
  • Manage your roster to finish up with a side that is accumulating more points than your competitors and is worth more than you started with.

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