NBL ladder 2023: Fixtures and results for every team still able to make the finals, predictions

The NBL’s switch to a top-six playoff format has been hailed a resounding success with the results from all 16 remaining regular season games set to have finals ramifications.

Eight of the 10 clubs are still mathematical chances of making the postseason, and NBL owner Larry Kestelman says that’s exactly what the league envisaged when it expanded its top four to a play-in format that would provide six teams with the opportunity to win the title.


“The play-in tournament is such a success and so crucial because everyone feels like they can actually win this thing,” Kestelman told News Corp.

“Doesn’t matter that you’re third from the bottom, you feel like you can win this championship and walk away with all the marbles at the end of it, so I think its already a huge success. The season has been phenomenal.”


Adelaide would need a miracle from the basketball gods to sneak in but seven still doesn’t fit into six, so which team will be the unluckiest in the NBL?

SYD (17 wins)

Run home: TAS (A), SEM (H), ADE (A), PER

Prediction: L, L, W, W — 19 wins (First)

Lost two in a row for the first time in forever and face two desperate opponents. Will still finish top and a little lull might be the wake up call the Kings need to roar into the finals.

CNS (16)

Run home: SEM (A), BNE (A), ADE (H), PER (A)

Prediction: L, W, W, L — 18 wins (Second)

Won six in a row before stumbling against the desperate JackJumpers and face a hungry Phoenix in Melbourne Wednesday. Should bank the two wins needed to finish second before a blockbuster in Perth.

NZB (14)

Run home: BNE (A), MEL (H), ILL (A), BNE (A)

Prediction: W, L, W, W — 17 wins (Third)

Brisbane has been better, but the Breakers might have turned a corner with an inspiring win over Sydney and should hold onto third on percentage.

TAS (14)

Run home: SYD (H), PER (H), ILL (A)

Prediction: W, W, W — 17 wins (Fourth)

We all keep underrating them, but reckon they get the grand final rematch against Sydney at the perfect time and a Wildcats side that has shown it struggles on the glass and in the tough-it-out stakes, where the Jackies excel.

PER (13)

Run home: ILL (H), TAS (A), CNS (H), SYD (H)

Prediction: W, L, W, L — 15 wins (Seventh)

Reckon they miss for a second consecutive year. John Rillie deserves credit for throwing the game plan out the door, doing away with defence and trying to win shootouts but, however weary they were against the Phoenix, is it conducive to wins when the pressure is really on?

SEM (14)

Run home: CNS (A), SYD (A)

Prediction: W, W — 16 wins (Fifth)

Would hope to beat the Taipans in their Heartland and are arguably the best-equipped team to beat the Kings. Ryan Broekhoff’s injury is a major concern and they need Trey Kell to be the ace in the hole that steps up in his absence. Very tough, but his is their most-talented squad and they can’t afford to miss.

MEL (14)

Run home: NZB (A), ADE (H)

Prediction: W, W — 16 wins (Sixth)

Are they the second-best team in it? Without Shea Ili, maybe not, but they’ve won eight of their past nine, including five in a row, and would fancy themselves to win both games and book what once seemed an unlikely spot in the finals.

ADE (11)

Run home: CNS (A), SYD (H), MEL (A)

Prediction: L, L, L — 11 wins (Eighth)

The desperation is gone — if it was ever there this season. Back to the drawing board for the Sixers.

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