Morocco World Cup fan with bad teeth given new smile by dentist

Morocco has given its fans plenty of reasons to smile at the World Cup and now one of their most famous supporters can grin with the best of them.

Mohammed Al Sharafi was brutally bullied over his bad teeth by online trolls after being interviewed in Qatar early in the tournament.

But in one of the most uplifting stories of the World Cup, he is now the proud owner of a new set of dentures after a celebrity dentist took action.

Dr Shadi Al Shaikh, who is from Jordan, asked his one million followers to help him track down Al Sharafiso for a free treatment.

“I decided to help him as soon as I saw his picture,” Dr Al Shaikh told The National. “I didn’t like how people bullied him because of his teeth. I met him in Qatar and offered him free treatment in my clinic in Dubai.”

Al Sharafi travelled with his son to Dubai on all expenses paid trip on the weekend and the results are impressive.

Dr Al Shaikh will continue his free treatment for the next six months.

“He was suffering from bone resorption in the upper jaw, causing the destruction of bone tissues,” Dr Al Shaikh said. “This makes it hard to implant new teeth. His six-month treatment will require a bone implant first.”

Dr Al Shaikh posted a video on Instagram showing the Moroccan fan with his new teeth and wrote: “For the bullies. It’s just the beginning.”

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