Former Melbourne stalwart ‘blown away’ by Wayne Bennett’s vision for the Dolphins

Kenny Bromwich has listed a number of factors which contributed to his decision in leaving the Melbourne Storm after nearly a decade of service, yet a conversation with Wayne Bennett proved to be the catalyst that caused the Kiwi international to commit to The Dolphins.

“To be able to be coached by Wayne was something I was really intrigued about,” Bromwich told the club’s website.

The 31-year-old made his NRL debut in 2013, proving to be an incredibly versatile and dependable player for Craig Bellamy as he has featured in 20 or more games in every season since 2016. 

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Bromwich conceded initially he had no desire to leave Melbourne, but that all changed after a discussion with his brother Jesse, who informed him he was joining the 17th franchise for their inaugural campaign.

“I guess after I had a conversation with him about that, I started getting curious about what else was out there,” he said.

“When I got to thinking about being a genesis player at the club and being able to build the foundations from the ground up with my brother…that was a pretty big factor.”

This willingness to take a chance on the new club has been spoken about as being a rare trait in players by Bennett in the past, with the coach claiming many don’t want to take the risk and potentially spend the prime years of their career helping to establish a team.

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However, the Bromwich brothers instead saw the positive aspects of the situation and the potential to make a name for themselves in the burgeoning history of the Dolphins.

“The way the guys at the Storm are spoken about around the club for the things they did in those early days was something I was pretty keen to try and do as well,” the younger brother admitted.

“We know the challenges we’ve got ahead of us.”

After being swayed by his brother to join him in Queensland, Bromwich had a meeting with Bennett that confirmed his desire to seek a new challenge.

“I’d only ever had the one NRL coach for a long time, so I was just curious to see what it was like under another great coach,” he said.

“I had a Zoom with Wayne and some of the other lads there.

“After getting off the phone with Wayne – you could see how he gets guys going and how some of the teams he has had over the past few years play the way that they’ve played.

“I was blown away by how Wayne made me feel after those conversations. After that, I felt like I was probably doing the right thing by going along with my brother and trying something different.”

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