Football 2022: $89m Chelsea back Ben Chilwell dating Aussie model

Star Chelsea football star Ben Chilwell has revealed he is dating Aussie model Cartia Mallan.

The 25-year-old left back is on a five-year £49.4m ($A89m) deal with the English Premier League powerhouse and was unlucky not to be in camp with England at the World Cup after an unfortunate hamstring injury.

But Chilwell has reportedly flown the Aussie 24-year-old to Dubai in late November and early December before a training camp in Abu Dhabi ahead of the recommencement of the EPL season.

Mallan has recently moved to London and has been seen in videos with the football star.

She was also cheering the defender on when Chelsea played Manchester United on October 22 alongside her mother.

They were also seen in a clip shared on a friend’s Instagram page partying in Dubai with Mallan wearing Chilwell’s checked shirt — he had a T-shirt underneath.

A source close to the pair told the Daily Mail: ”They have grown really close over the last few months and things are getting serious.”

Mallan has previously been linked to Western Bulldogs star Bailey Smith, Jude Law’s son Raff, and model and actor Josh Heuston.

Mallan made her mark as a social media influencer, making a name for herself as a beauty and fashion blogger. She has nearly 500,000 subscribers on YouTube and more than half a million Instagram followers.

She also shares videos of her life and travels.

She also hosts the podcast Common Chaos, which made waves when she interviewed Bailey Smith in one of its earliest episodes.

Chilwell was expected to play for England at the World Cup but injured his hamstring weeks before the tournament.

On Instagram he posted: “Following my ACL injury I worked so hard to make sure I was ready for the World Cup. It has always been a dream of mine. Unfortunately, this won’t be possible following my scan results. I’ll do all I can to get back playing for Chelsea ASAP. Thanks for the messages of support.”

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