Floyd Mayweather vs. Aaron Chalmers result, highlights as legend coasts against ‘tough as nails’ rookie

Floyd Mayweather called the UK “the mecca of boxing” and praised “hard as nails” opponent Aaron Chalmers after the boxing legend showboated through their exhibition bout in the latest curious celebrity combat spectacle at a noticeably sub-capacity O2 Arena in London.

As was the case for his widely-derided fight against YouTuber Logan Paul in June 2021, there was no result and Mayweather appeared to relent on landing the knockout he was clearly capable of, instead providing numerous reminders of the slickness and pinpoint accuracy with which he became a modern great.

“The United Kingdom is an unbelievable place with an unbelievable fanbase,” Mayweather said afterwards, adding that more tickets could have been sold if they had gone on sale more quickly for an event he said was arranged a month in advance.

“I can’t thank you guys enough. The UK is becoming the mecca of boxing. This guy is tough as nails. I take my hat off to the guy: he is super, super-tough.

“Somebody showed me a video of him trash-talking. I’m very, very proud of him. I came to the UK to entertain the people. We had fun for eight rounds.”

During a fight at a 20,000-capacity arena that was far from full, Mayweather repeatedly spoke to Chalmers’ corner, danced with ring girls and landed at will with any shot he pleased, echoing his meeting with YouTuber Deji in November 2022 as he this time competed over eight rounds against the former star of UK reality TV show Geordie Shore.

“It was happy, it was cheering – he was asking questions,” Mayweather said when asked whether the event could be deemed a success afterwards, voicing his satisfaction at being joined by three of his four children during fight week.

“I’m not here to break nobody. On a different day, he could have fought a different way. I was able to spend time with my children and that’s what counts the most.”

Mayweather ‘OK’ with exhibitions

On a night that felt distinctly subdued compared to some of the greatest nights of his career, such as when he knocked out Britain’s Ricky Hatton in Las Vegas in 2007, it fell to Mayweather to make the case for exhibition events as he held forth at length afterwards.

The 46-year-old suggested he could be a “pioneer” of the concept and said he has dozens of calls every week asking him to fight all around the world.

He also repeated his admiration for Chalmers and emphasised that the promotion of his first appearance in the UK had been a learning experience for his team.

The top tier of the arena was shut and the businessman would surely have noticed the entire section of empty seats that had been covered up by the side of the ring where he entered from.

He would strenuously argue against the notion that the lack of interest is a sign that audiences are tiring of farcically non-competitive novelty fights, but it felt like a rethink would be required in order for another UK fight to appeal any time soon for a figure who might have sold out stadiums had he boxed in England in his prime.

Mayweather admitted that he no longer has an appetite for gruelling fights, praised former rival and fellow icon Manny Pacquiao and boasted about his outlandish wealth in a typically wide-ranging, sermonising series of speeches in response to questions.

“It keeps me in shape,” he said of his continuing exploits in the ring. “It keeps me motivated to keep me working hard every day. I don’t like it to the point where I want to fight 12 gruelling rounds – absolutely not.

“But to come sometimes and do three, sometimes six, sometimes eight rounds – to come back, entertain people and have a little fun – I’m okay with that.”

Chalmers cherishes ‘unbelievable’ experience

Chalmers, who built a respectable record with Bellator during his MMA career, offered little in return and suffered most off Mayweather’s jab, although the man known as ‘The Joker’ showed unquestionable fitness and a predictably game attitude.

With more than 2.4 million followers on Instagram, Chalmer’s appeal from a marketing perspective was also understandable.

“He’s f****** unbelievable,” the 35-year-old said after trying largely in vain to land on arguably the best defensive boxer in history.

“That’s one to tell the grandkids. We got as sparring partners in as we could – different sizes, different speeds. But you can’t emulate Floyd.”

As well as outings for British MMA newcomer Sammy-Jo Luxton and Mayweather proteges Kevin ‘Thunderstorm’ Johnson and J’hon Ingram, the preceding punch-ups before the headline act featured several bizarre fights.

In a heavyweight contest, former Tyson Fury antagonist Christopher Lovejoy was stopped by a seemingly innocuous body shot by Antonio Zepeda, with the absence of official results from the bouts unlikely to lessen Lovejoy’s embarrassment.

Cuban fighter Ulysses ‘Monster’ Diaz shared an entertaining slugfest with British fighter Khalass Karim, but Tommie Lee and Natalie Nunn’s grudge match was far less credible.

Rapper, TV star and model Lee, who has more than 5.1 followers on Instagram and shared an acrimonious build up with TV star Nunn, appeared indifferent about defending herself at times during a drubbing that slumped beyond a round before being called off. 

The Sporting News provided live results and highlights from Mayweather vs. Chalmers.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Aaron Chalmers live results, updates

Round 8 – Mayweather vs Chalmers

Mayweather again ushers Chalmers on, the TV star responding by trying with his own jab a few times.

Perhaps not the shrewdest move; it only results in Mayweather landing with jabs again before spending the final 30 seconds of the round dancing. It’s all over on another easy night for the unbeaten American – thanks for following our live coverage, we’ll have report, reaction and analysis at the top of this page shortly!

Round 7 – Mayweather vs Chalmers

Aaron Chalmers somehow has the energy to keep coming forward and he sends a couple of sharp shots onto Floyd Mayweather’s arms.

Mayweather follows the pattern of the previous rounds, throwing out his jab to successful effect and giving a piece of his mind about how easy his night’s work is to everyone within listening distance.

Round 6 – Mayweather vs Chalmers

Mayweather keeps picking off Chalmers with hard jabs in what looks like an increasingly tiring night for the Geordie.

The illustrious American also keeps dispensing words of wisdom to Chalmers’ corner.

Round 5 – Mayweather vs Chalmers

A right followed by a left hook catch the eye from Mayweather, who then starts sashaying with one of the ring girls.

There’s not a great deal of noise around the arena as the spectacle wears on.

Round 4 – Mayweather vs Chalmers

Chalmers eats several good shots before finally producing a decent combination towards the end of the round.

Plenty of showboating from Mayweather, who pulls his arms out wide, pats his chest and engages in some verbal goading towards his opponent.

Round 3 – Mayweather vs Chalmers

This must be tiring for Chalmers, who keeps coming forward with attempts to land but is getting nowhere near.

Mayweather can land at will and there are a few calls for the modern great to knock out Chalmers, which you suspect is unlikely.

Round 2 – Mayweather vs Chalmers

Round two ends with a decent shot yet to land from the game Chalmers, who is immediately perturbed by a jab from Mayweather after the two shared a fistbump at the end of the previous stanza.

Mayweather goes in for the body, then lands with a right. There’s still something vaguely compelling about watching a display of Mayweather’s slickness, even if it’s in such curious circumstances.

Round 1 – Mayweather vs Chalmers

Appropriately exhibition work from Mayweather, who variously troubles Chalmers with a left hook, a right and a double jab, all the while grinning.

A few coos and roars go up on each occasion, while Chalmers – wisely – is a picture of focus in his yellow with red-and-blue trim shorts.

10.43 p.m. GMT: “Have some fun – but we will keep this professional,” the referee tells both headliners after Floyd Mayweather and Aaron Chalmers make their way into the ring and hear their respective national anthems ring out.

The section of the O2 Arena behind where the fighters emerged from is full of empty seats that have been covered over – in stark contrast to Mayweather’s vast entourage.

10.22 p.m. GMT: It isn’t every night you hear boxers introduced with lines such as “she has more than 1.5 million IG followers” and “she has been on 15 reality TV shows.”

Tommie Lee vs Natalie Nunn – both wearing head guards – is up there with the most bizarre bouts you could ever hope to see.

Lee waves her opponent forward after taking an early pummelling, then throws a jab into thin air and almost falls over as she tries to wing another ragged shot in.

Then Lee, who is a model, actor and rapper, ends up on her back as the fight is called off in the second round. A measure of pandemonium ensues inside the ring, with Lee appearing to protest and Nunn shouting angrily at someone outside of the ring.

The pair eventually trade a fist bump and hug of respect. We’re almost ready for the main event.

10.15 p.m. GMT: Cuban bareknuckle fighter Ulysses Diaz lives up to his nickname of ‘Monster’ by being part of an erratic tear-up with Khalass Karim.

Briton Karim has a considerable size disadvantage but turns this into an entertaining swingfest. Both fighters want a rematch afterwards.

9.45 p.m. GMT: Declan Kenna, a 3-0 Irish fighter, provides the latest brief show of skills with J’hon Ingram, a Floyd Mayweather protege who has been dubbed ‘the next Mayweather’ by tonight’s co-headliner himself.

Ingram is asked whether that billing is true after the fight. “Definitely – he is the next Floyd Mayweather,” shouts an insistent fan in the crowd.

9.15 p.m. GMT: What happens when a fighter gets knocked out in an exhibition match?

Antonio Zepeda, who’s unbeaten in six fights, has just taken out Christopher ‘Pretty Boy’ Lovejoy, a 39-year-old with a 20-1 record who once shared a public spat with Tyson Fury.

Lovejoy was taken down with a relatively harmless-looking jab to the body before taking a knee and seeing the referee wave the contest off.

“I took it seriously but I could have trained harder,” Zepeda says afterwards, thanking Lovejoy for taking the fight at short notice.

“It’s an exhibition, so there are no winners, no losers and no draws – but I did stop him, and I suppose that’s all that matters.”

Meanwhile, here are some shots from the women’s bout that kicked off tonight’s card.

9 p.m. GMT: Kevin ‘Thunderstorm’ Johnson, who signed to Mayweather’s team in 2021, and MMA fighter Mike ‘Pretty Boy’ Hales have just traded leather for three two-minute rounds.

It might not greatly surprise you to hear that Johnson looked slicker, while Hales had the bravery and durability you’d expect from a man in his discipline.

“Not really,” Johnson says when he’s asked what impressed him about his less experienced opponent, who he is keen to praise, in fairness. “My defence was on point.”

8.40 p.m. GMT: British Muay Thai star Sammy-Jo Luxton and Welsh MMA fighter Hayleigh Heather have just put on a scrap to begin the action.

“It’s such a crazy experience to be boxing in the ring that Floyd Mayweather is about to step into,” says Heather, sitting alongside Luxton afterwards. “It’s every boxer’s dream. I was expecting a tough fight and that’s what I got.”

Luxton has just signed for the Professional Fighters League, which is beginning its Europe series in Newcastle in March.

“This was good experience to step up to the main stages,” says Luxton. “I stepped up well, I thought – so I’m ready for the PFL. We showed what mixed martial artists can show in the boxing ring.”

You can read The Sporting News’ exclusive interview with Luxton here.

Sammy Jo Luxton Mayweather 02252023

8 p.m. GMT: The show is ready to get underway here in London…

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They’re your essential companions to all the action.

7 p.m. GMT: The ring announcer is currently testing the microphone at the O2 Arena, where Floyd Mayweather will fight in the UK for the first time.

The first bout of this evening’s card is expected to take place at around 7.20 p.m. GMT. In the meantime, you can read our interview with Aaron Chalmers on Sportingnews.com.

6.30 p.m. GMT: Floyd Mayweather’s given fans a chance to vote for the boots he should wear in the ring tonight.

Scroll right below to see the options on offer…

6 p.m. GMT: Hello and welcome to The Sporting News’ coverage of Floyd Mayweather’s latest curious return to the ring when he fights UK reality TV star and MMA fighter Aaron Chalmers!

‘The Joker’ believes that his experience in sustaining and dishing out damage make him more of a threat than Mayweather’s previous opponents.

“Some of the people he’s fought, any twitch, and they’ve been panicking, s—— themselves,” Chalmers told The Sporting News.

“A little bit too much respect. You know you’re going to get punched in the face — you’re f—— in a boxing match. That’s one thing I can deal with, I know I’m going to get punched. I’ll take three punches if I can land one. I’ll take that the whole fight — I’ll be more than happy.”

The main card starts around 2 pm. ET | 7 p.m. GMT | 6 a.m. AEDT. 

When is Floyd Mayweather vs. Aaron Chalmers?

  • Date: Saturday, February 25 | Sunday, February 26
  • Start time: 2 pm. ET | 7 p.m. GMT | 6 a.m. AEDT
  • Main event: 5 p.m ET | 10 p.m. GMT | 9:30 a.m. AEDT (approx.)

Mayweather vs. Chalmers takes place on February 25. The main card is expected to start around 2 pm. ET | 7 p.m. GMT | 6 a.m. AEDT. Both fighters should make their way to the ring around 5 p.m ET | 10 p.m. GMT | 9:30 a.m. AEDT, depending on how long the undercard fights last. 

MORE: MMA star Sammy-Jo Luxton on rise to Mayweather-Chalmers show

How to watch Floyd Mayweather vs. Aaron Chalmers

Country Date Channel + Live Stream (main card)
United States Sat. Feb 25 Zeus Network
United Kingdom Sat. Feb 25 Zeus Network
Australia Sun. Feb 25 Zeus Network

Fight fans can watch Mayweather vs. Chalmers through the Zeus Network. 

Floyd Mayweather vs. Aaron Chalmers price: How much does the card cost? 

Viewers in the UK can pre-order the fight for £24.88. It’s $29.99 in the US, $40.16 in Canada and $43.30 in Australia.

MORE: Mayweather vs. Chalmers: What is the Zeus Network?

Floyd Mayweather vs. Aaron Chalmers fight card

  • Floyd Mayweather vs Aaron Chalmers (Exhibition)
  • Natalie Nunn vs Tommie Lee
  • Ulysses Diaz vs. Khalas Karim (Cruiserweight)
  • J’Hon Ingram vs. Meeks Kastelo (Lightweight)
  • Antonio Zepeda vs. Christopher Lovejoy (Heavyweight)
  • Kevin Johnson vs. Mike Hales (Super welterweight)
  • Sammy-Jo Luxton vs. Hayley Barraclough (Light heavyweight)

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