FIFA World Cup 2022: Socceroos fans slam ‘horrid’ obsidian blue jersey in Tunisia clash

Australia has tuned in to watch the green and gold take on Tunisia in an all-important World Cup clash, but some fans haven’t been able to get over the team’s untraditional look.

Australian teams traditionally wear green and gold, which the team wore against France in the first game of the tournament.

But some fans were left surprised when tuning into the clash against Tunisia where the African side was wearing white, and the Aussies were wearing blue.

Before the World Cup, Australia’s alternate strip was released as Nike explained: “The bold obsidian away kit draws inspiration from the vivid sea, with splashes of green glow to help Aussies show their pride both on and off the pitch.

“It is representative of the creatures, plants, and reeds found in the waters signalling the deep connection between Australians and coastal life.”

Teams are meant to wear their official team colours, which would have been the mainly gold jersey for the Socceroos, unless: “the two teams’ colours might cause confusion, the host team shall be entitled to wear its official team kit and the visiting team shall use its reserve team kit or, if necessary, a combination of the official and the reserve team kits.”

For many people, the announcement of the team strip is a formality and would go under the radar — meaning this is the first time they would have seen the jersey in action.

Seven News Hobart’s John Hunt wrote: “Who picked that strip? It’s horrid”.

ABC Sport’s Poppy Penny added: “The #socceroos wearing their classic navy and mint uniform …”

Sydney Morning Herald’s Kishor Napier-Raman commented: “I’m glad the Socceroos are wearing their away kit because someone at fifa decided yellow and white are the same colour”.

The Illawarra Mercury’s Janine Graham posted: “Just me or do the Socceroos look like they’re wearing rashies? “

It appears to be as popular as it was at the time it was released.

However, it may be just what the Socceroos needed as the team took a 1-0 lead within the opening half an hour through a Mitchell Duke header.

The score was enough for Australia to claim a win and put the side in the box seat to secure a knockout stage berth and need at least a draw against Denmark, depending on results.

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