FIFA World Cup 2022: Rainbow flag pitch invader during Portugal vs Uruguay, video

The World Cup contest between Portugal and Uruguay was brought to a standstill on Tuesday morning when a pitch invader stormed the field.

The man donned a blue shirt with the Superman logo emblazoned on the front with separate messages printed on the front and back.

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On the front of his shirt the message read “Save Ukraine” while on the back is was “Respect for Iranian Women.”

The man waved a rainbow flag as he made his way across the pitch before he was ultimately stopped by security.

He dropped the flag on the pitch as he was escorted off with the referee having to pick it up and take it to the sidelines.

Homosexuality in the Gulf nation is illegal with many believing the pitch invader could find himself in big trouble for flashing the pride flag.

Qatar and FIFA outlawed “One Love” armbands from being worn by captains after England captain Harry Kane and several other national captains declared they would defy any potential ban on the rainbow armbands.

European teams launched the “OneLove” initiative in response to the treatment of LGBTQ communities in Qatar.

FIFA turned down several reported requests for clarification on the situation and remained silent on the issue.

US commentators drew the ire of social media users with their response to the pitch invader. MCC cricket advisor Jonny Singer wrote: “‘We won’t glorify that by showing it to you further’It’s a man with a pride flag. They will probably go to prison now, but it’s an incredibly brave thing to do. Glorify it you bastards!” he wrote.

“I get that we usually say pitch invasions aren’t welcome. I get that @itvfootball don’t have control over the broadcast feed. But, as a commentary team, you can speak about it. And to simply pass it off like that is a truly cowardly move.”

Others watching on were quick to praise the brave man for defying the stringent laws and waving the pride flag on the pitch.

Craig Foster after the game was full of praise for the act, letting the pitch invader know he’d always be welcome at his house.

“Well done to him. You are always welcome in the Foster household,” he said on SBS.

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