England vs. Pakistan T20 World Cup Final result: Ben Stokes leads England to T20 glory

England are the 2022 T20 World Cup Champions after defeating Pakistan by five wickets.

The English won the toss and decided to bowl first, putting Pakistan at the crease to start the evening.

The underdogs (Pakistan) struggled to get their batters going as Babar Azam (32 runs off 27 balls) was the only opener to punish some of the opponents bowling. 

Shan Masood can also hold his head up high, rushing to 38 runs off 28 and looking to help set a healthy score for England to chase.

However, the bowling efforts of Sam Curran (3/12) and Adil Rashid (2/22) restricted Pakistan to 137 runs off the 20 overs.

With a chase of 138 runs, Jos Buttler got the favourites off to a hot start but Alex Hales ran into Shaheen Shah Afridi in the opening over.

Buttler finished with 26 runs off 17 balls and helped set up the victory. 

Ben Stokes came in at 2/32 and was arguably the man of the match.

The left-handed batter notched up his first International T20 50 and also the winning run.

Afridi did go down with a knee injury and that looked to have turned the tide in England’s favour.

Haris Rauf (2/23) kept Pakistan in the hunt but couldn’t get the job done.

England’s Curran was awarded with the Man-of-the-Match.

Pakistan vs England T20 World Cup Final score

Team 1st Innings
Pakistan 8/137
England 5/138

19th over: WICKET! Ali chopped back onto the stumps by Wasim’s yorker. 

Stokes knocks up his first International T20 50 with a boundary on the offside. He also brings up the victory with a single.

England win the 2022 T20 World Cup by five wickets.

18th over: A last-ditch attempt by Pakistan with Rauf looking for a much-needed wicket. 

Very good batting by Stokes and Ali. Kept the score ticking over and rotated strike. Seven needed off 12 balls. 4/131 after 18.

17th over: Wasim returns to the attack and Ali continues with boundaries that Stokes finished the previous over with. Back-to-back fours.

An expense over with England nearing victory. Ali completes the over with a top edge over the keeper for a boundary. Everything going right for the English. Needing 12 off the last three overs. 4/126 after 17. 

16th over: Afridi attempted to bowl his third over but unfortunately has been subbed off. Iftikhar Ahmed has replaced the pace bowler. 

Stokes very lucky to not have been caught at long off. Didn’t bother running and that all was lost but responds perfectly with a four and a six to complete the over. 4/110 after 16.

Over 80,000 fans have packed into the MCG for tonight’s T20 World Cup Final. 

15th over: Rauf returns to the attack with extreme pace and accuracy. Stokes eventually breaks a long stretch of now boundaries with a four to complete the over. 4/97 after 15.

14th over: Shah’s last over for the evening was great for Pakistan. Very tidy over and kept cramming Stokes at the crease. England struggled to rotate the strike.

Afridi has returned to the field. 4/89 after 14.

13th over: WICKET! Khan manages to get Brook in a massive break through. Afridi took an excellent catch in an awkward position and has gone off the field.

Moeen Ali comes in for England. 4/87 after 13.

12th over: UNSUCCESSFUL REVIEW. Shah jumps back into Pakistan’s attack and looks determined. Rauf is back onto the field and is tested immediately along the boundary. Saves a four.

Multiple play-and-misses by both Stokes and Brook. Excellent bowling by Shah, just missing the bat. Pakistan lose a review. 3/82 after 12.

11th over: Stokes and Brook face Shan for his third over. Tightened up very well and good fielding in tight keeping England to only two runs. 3/79 after 11.

10th over: Wasim continues his spell and was just off throughout the over. Stokes punished a misguided yorker through the offside for a boundary. England needing a run a ball to take home the trophy. 3/77 after 10.

9th over: Khan was a little sloppy throughout the over. Couldn’t test the English batters and was eight off it. Needs more variation with pace and placement. Rauf looks ready to come back on the field. 3/69 after 9.

8th over: Mohammid Wasim joins the Pakistan attack, adding a different look to Stokes and Brook. England keeping up with the required run rate but didn’t look overly comfortable at the crease. Brook did cop one to the elbow but looks to be fine.

Pakistan hunting wickets and definitely need one soon. 3/61 after 8. 

7th over: Shadab Khan comes in for his first over. Tame six balls as Stokes and Brook see if they can pick up on any misdirected balls. Rauf was seen on the outside of the boundary, appears to have tweaked something in his right leg. 3/54 after 7.

6th over: WICKET! Rauf takes the responsibility for the final over of the powerplay and strikes a big blow to England. Buttler didn’t pick up on the extra bounce and carries through to the keeper (Rizwan). 

Harry Brook comes in and gets away with a boundary. 3/49 after 6 at the end of the powerplay.

5th over: A mixed over from Shah. Expensive six balls which included five play-and-misses, a six and ball that ran past leg stump and through to the boundary for five wides. 

Buttler did seem troubled throughout the over but showed his class with the tunnel six. 2/43 after 5.

4th over: WICKET! Haris Rauf joins the Pakistan attack and is hit to the boundary by Salt with his first ball. 

Rauf strikes back and Salt is gone. Hit straight to mid-wicket and caught by Iftikhar Ahmed. Ben Stokes comes in and is troubled by the pace of the Pakistan speedster. Great over. 2/32 after 4.

3rd over: UNSUCCESSFUL REVIEW! Afridi and Pakistan were unlucky given it was the umpire’s call. They do hold onto their review.

Buttler hits another boundary. Excellent timing and shot placement. Tame over. 1/28 after 3.

2nd over: Naseem Shah joins in on the bowling action but is faced by a glorious shot making by Buttler. Back-to-back fours. Salt opens his innings with an inside edge down to the boundary. Expensive over for Pakistan.

There is a little bit of rain yet but the umpires aren’t concerned with it yet. 1/21 after 2.

1st over: WICKET! Jos Buttler to face Afridi and is off the mark straight away with a nice flick to the onside. Alex Hales also gets his innings underway. Phil Salt heads out to the crease.

Hales was troubled by Afridi and falls with the last ball of the over. Absolute cracking seamer that knocks the bails off. 1/7 after 1.

End of Innings

England will need 138 runs to win the T20 World Cup. Sam Curran (3/12 after 4 overs) and Adil Rashid (2/22) were excellent with the ball, preventing Pakistan from making a big total. Shan Masood (38 off 28) and Babar Azam (32 off 28) batted well but would have liked to hit a much bigger total. England are in a strong position to take home the trophy.

20th over: WICKET! Jordan to finish off first innings and Wasim goes. Aimed for the fences and found Livingstone in the outfield. His third catch of the night. Haris Rauf comes in.

Some reprieve for Pakistan as Afridi top edges it over the keeper for four. And a single to finish the innings. 8/137 after 20.

19th over: WICKET! Curran comes in for his final six balls and gets another with his variations. Nawaz falls victim to brilliant bowling. Shaheen Shah Afridi joins Wasim out in the middle of the MCG. Finishes with excellent figures: 3/12. 

7/131 after 19.

18th over: WICKET! Jordan returns for his third over and takes Khan. Jordan hits the pitch hard and it pays dividends. 

Opportunity goes begging, Harry Brook drops a catch. Overthrows followed in a chaotic piece of play. Good over for England. 6/127 after 18.

17th over: WICKET! Curran starts his final spell and gets Masood. Picked out mid-wicket as another falls for Pakistan. Mohammad Nawaz comes in.

Excellent over from the English bowler. Only three off it and a break through. 5/122 after 17.

16th over: Stokes to bowl his final over. Pakistan’s running between the wickets still hasn’t wavered, forcing England to be good out in the field.

Khan finds the boundary on the offside with a beautiful stroke. Pakistan are starting to find some momentum and going for their shots. 4/119 after 16.

15th over: Jordan comes in for his second over. Doctors come onto the field as Masood gets hit in the helmet. A third injury break. But he looks to be alright. 

Returns with a glorious shot on the offside for a boundary. Timed it to perfection. Looks in good touch. 4/106 after 15.

14th over: Rashid comes in for his last over. Has troubled the Pakistan batters the whole night. Great captaincy from Jos Buttler.

Shadab Khan hits his first boundary of the night. Straight over Rashid’s head. A few singles but not enough for Pakistan. 4/98 after 14. 

13th over: WICKET! Stokes gets Ahmed for a duck. Didn’t pick the extra bounce. Caught behind. England have asserted themselves on this game and are showing why they are the favourites.

12th over: WICKET! Pakistan captain Azam caught and bowled by Rashid. Azam didn’t pick the wrong’un. Iftikhar Ahmed comes out to the crease. 

Immediately bamboozled. What an over from the English spinner. Wicket-maiden over. 3/84 after 12.

11th over: Livingstone comes in to change it up. Masood smacks him down the ground for a boundary. It is followed by a six at the shortest part of the MCG. Pakistan looking to go over the spinner. Expensive over. 16 from it. 2/84 after 11.

10th over: Rashid returns for his second over. Azam/Masood’s running between the wickets has been a feature in the last few overs. Tame over but a misfield allows eight runs off the over. 2/68 after 10.

9th over: Chris Jordan comes into the England bowling attack. Azam helps the ball to the boundary, using Jordan’s pace. The Pakistan batters continue to rotate the strike, ticking the scoreboard over. 2/59 after 9.

8th over: WICKET! Adil Rashid strikes right away. Haris tried to find the boundary but picked out Stokes at long on. Shan Masood comes in. He gets off the mark with a single.

Azam brings up the 50 for Pakistan with smart shot making and hard running. 2/50 after 8.

7th over: Stokes comes back for his second over. England historically use their all-rounder in the opening over and the seventh, after the powerplay finishes. Haris goes over mid-off but only for three. Fell short of the boundary and good fielding from Chris Jordan. 1/45 after 7.

6th over: Azam flicks Woakes down to fine leg for the first four of the evening. Helped it around the corner. Haris off the mark with a flick over toward fine leg. Great display of batting. The powerplay finishes and it’s relatively even. 1/39 after 6.

5th over: WICKET! Shortly after an injury check to Rizwan (dove for the crease and appeared to have knocked the helmet), Curran lands a big wicket. Rizwan chopped onto the stumps after a strong start.

Mohammid Haris joins Azam at the crease. Seems the batter is keen to assert himself on the England attack. A big swing but a miss. We can see Haris’ intent early. 1/29 after 5.

4th over: Woakes has been hit for six off the first ball by Muhammad Rizwan. Lovely leg sweep that goes over the ropes. Azam flicks over mid-on but didn’t make it too the boundary. Pakistan batters starting to feel comfortable out there. 0/28 after 4.

3rd over: Sam Curran joins the attack and keeps the Pakistan batters to four. Strong start by Curran. Few misses from Babar Azam. The new ball is swinging. 0/16 after 3.

2nd over: Chris Woakes also opened with a wide. The big game has gotten to the England bowlers early. Not troubling the batters at the moment. 0/12 after 2.

1st over: Ben Stokes opens the England attack and begins with a no ball and a wide. England’s first no ball of the tournament. Pressure is on. Muhammad Rizwan off the mark with a flick down to fine leg. Babar Azam also started well. 0/8 after 1.

6.55pm: Both teams are coming out for the anthem as we near the first ball of this massive T20 World Cup Final. Plenty of fans in attendance and plenty of noise booming throughout the ground. 

6.30pm: England have won the toss and will bowl first at the MCG. Both teams go unchanged.

6pm: Welcome to the live blog for tonight’s T20 World Cup Final between Pakistan and England! Play is set to begin in one hour, with the toss scheduled for 6.30pm AEDT. 

The match is scheduled to begin at 7:00 pm local time (8:00 am BST, 1:00 pm IST).

We’re set for an overcast night with a chance of showers at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, with temperatures to hover around 19 degrees Celcius (66 degrees Fahrenheit).

England start as strong favourites to take out the 2022 T20 World Cup.

England vs Pakistan T20 full scorecard

England innings

Batter Status Runs Balls 4s 6s
Jos Buttler c. Rizwan b. Rauf 26 17 3 1
Alex Hales b. Afridi 1 2    
Phil Salt c. Ahmed b. Rauf 10 9 1  
Ben Stokes   51 48 5 1
Harry Brook c. Afridi b. Khan 20 23 1  
Moeen Ali b. Wasim 19 13 3  
Liam Livingstone   1 1    
Sam Curran d.n.b        
Chris Woakes d.n.b        
Chris Jordan  d.n.b        
Adil Rashid d.n.b        
Extras 9 (1lb, 8w)        
F.O.W 1/7 (Hales), 2/32 (Salt), 3/45 (Buttler), 4/84 (Brook), 5/132 (Ali)        

Pakistan bowling

Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Shaheen Shah Afridi 2.1   13 1
Naseem Shah 4   30  
Haris Rauf 4   23 2
Shadab Khan 4   20 1
Mohammad Wasim 4   38 1
Iftikhar Ahmed 0.5   13  

Pakistan Innings

Batter Status Runs Balls 4s 6s
Babar Azam c&b. Rashid 32 27 2  
Muhammad Rizwan b. Curran 15 14   1
Mohammad Haris c. Stokes b. Rashid 8 12 1  
Shan Masood c. Livingstone b. Curran 38 28 2 1
Iftikhar Ahmed c. Buttler b. Stokes 0 5    
Shadab Khan c. Woakes b. Jordan 20 14 2  
Mohammad Nawaz c. Livingstone b. Curran 5 7    
Mohammid Wasim c. Livingstone b. Jordan 4 8    
Shaheen Shah Afridi   5 3    
Haris Rauf   1 1    
Naseem Shah d.n.b        
Extras 9 (1nb, 6w, 1b, 1lb)        
FOW 1/29 (Rizwan), 2/45 (Haris), 3/84 (Azam), 4/84 (Ahmed), 5/121 (Masood), 6/123 (Khan), 7/129 (Nawaz), 8/131 (Wasim)        

England bowling

Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Ben Stokes 4   32 1
Chris Woakes 3   26  
Sam Curran 4   12 3
Adil Rashid 4 1 22 2
Chris Jordan 4   27 2
Liam Livingstone 1   16  

When is India vs England T20 World Cup semi-final?

Pakistan and England will play each other in the T20 World Cup final on Sunday, November 13.  

The match is scheduled to begin at 7pm (AEDT – local time).

Pakistan vs. England TV channel, live stream, start time

  Australia New Zealand UK USA Canada India
TV  Fox Cricket/Channel 9 Sky Sport NZ Sky Sports Willow TV Willow Canada Star Sports
Streaming Kayo/9Now SkyGo Sky Go Hotstar Hotstar Star Sports
Start time 7pm AEDT 9pm NZDT 8am BST 4am EST 4am EST 1.30pm IST

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