Cycling superman video, Michael Guerra move goes viral again

Cycling innovator Michael Guerra is sitting back and smiling as he goes viral all over again.

Video of the Italian rider performing a freakish “Superman” position while riding down a hill has spread across the internet in recent days.

The video shows Guerra overtaking competitors during a training session by unclipping his pedals and using his planking aerodynamic advantage.

Guerra first went viral in 2016 when he pulled the same stunt.

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For unknown reasons, the video is going viral all over again and creating headlines around the world. One video posted on Twitter has 14 million views.

A video this good deserves to get a second crack.

You can watch the video in the player above.

When the video first went viral it prompted widespread discussion about its use in professional cycling stages, but it remains a sideshow ally piece of cycling entertainment.

Guerra previously spoke out to insist the video was legitimate and that his competitors seen in the video were not able to compete with his speed boost.

The vision shows the rider on a motorised scooter looking aghast as he sees Guerra shooting past, in one piece of the clip that looks totally stage managed.

Still the courage of travelling at such speed without brakes or any shred of safety has the internet talking again.

Guerra has in the past 24 hours posted screenshots of news websites in Italy running the story again.

The reaction on Twitter in recent days has been shock admiration.

The BBC’s Rick Edwards wrote on Twitter: “This is MAD, I love it”.

The video of Guerra pulling the same stunt previously also stunned the world, including cycling legend and four-time Tour de France winner Chris Froome

We’ll see you in six more years when the video goes viral all over again.

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