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Paul Gallen had to be separated from Justin Hodges after letting rip at the NRL legend ahead of his double boxing fight against Hodges and Ben Hannant on Thursday.

Sledges have been flying thick and fast and tensions are high as the rugby league greats prepare for the unique boxing event in Brisbane, which could be the last time Gallen steps in the ring.

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There were wild scenes at the pre-fight press conference on Tuesday as the Cronulla Sharks legend got stuck into both Hodges and Hannant.

Hannant, who won premierships with the Broncos and Cowboys, took umbridge to Gallen’s claim that he was a benchwarmer throughout his NRL career.

“That shows the flog he is at times,” Hannant hit back.

“He doesn’t get it. I’m proud of my career. It’s about putting the team first.

“It’s not about how good you are or how many games you start, you start sounding like a flog.”

But Gallen then took aim at Hannant for comparing rugby league to the individual sport of boxing.

“You sound like a flog, you’re talking about a team sport, you’re talking about being a good team in an individual sport, you idiot,” Gallen said.

“You are an idiot. You fought Hodgo and that’s it.

“You think you’re gonna walk in and even compete? I could seriously kill you on Thursday night.”

Gallen then took umbridge to Hodges’ claim that the NSW Blues stalwart was the “worst Origin captain in history” and urged his opponent to run at him there and then.

The pair had to be separated by No Limit promoter Matt Rose, and Hodges walked out of the press conference, calling Gallen “a f***ing bum”.
“I’m going to make you look like a bum on Thursday,” Gallen said, continuing his spray.

“You hear that ambulance that was here? It’s come a couple of days early.
“It’s meant to come on Thursday. You’ll be going home in it. Make sure you kiss your kids goodnight before you go to the boxing fight. Hopefully you wake up.”


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