Ben Brown chops famous locks for charity at Melbourne Family Day

An AFL star has shaved off his famous brown curls for charity at Melbourne Football Club’s first Family Day since 2019.

The club’s annual Family Day has made its highly anticipated return for the first time in three years.

Club forward Ben Brown has also shaved his trademark curls to raise money and awareness for children living with cancer.

The cause hits close to home for Brown, whose cousin Grace has fought through a long-term battle with leukaemia.

Brown is encouraging fans to donate if able with proceeds going to the Challenge organisation, a not-for-profit that played an integral role in Grace’s battle against cancer.

“Any help that all of you can give me along that journey, knowing what this girl has gone through and what my family’s gone through would mean the world to me,” Brown said.

“Grace had a pretty tough time of it throughout her life … when she was six, she was diagnosed with leukaemia.

“She has gone through many years of treatments, many years in the hospital, had a few years of everything’s all great and then had a relapse and was diagnosed with leukaemia again.”

Taking place at Yarra Park on Saturday February 25, this year marks the first time the Demons have hosted members and fans at the event since 2019.

Fortunately Grace is now in remission for a second time after receiving treatment with “some amazing new technology”, CAR T-cell therapy.

Attendees enjoyed a variety of kids activities, exciting activities from club partners, merchandise deals, giveaways and plenty of time to meet and hang out with their favourite players.

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