Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship’s Tai Emery Only fans explodes after flashing celebration, how much will she earn

Tai Emery caught the attention of fans around the world when she flashed her breasts after a Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship win Friday in Bangkok — and now her OnlyFans page has exploded, The New York Post reported.

In a post-fight interview with TMZ, Emery said her OnlyFans account — a subscription-based social media platform, where users can sell and/or purchase original content — went from “maybe 40 (subscribers) to maybe 2500.”

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Emery charges $10 a month to access her content, according to TMZ, which reported that last week she earned about $400. The BKFC star is reportedly on track to collect $25,000 per month, or $300,000 per year, from her OnlyFans platform.

And she’s fairly prolific, having made 864 posts since joining the subscription platform.

After her now-viral celebration in Bangkok, Emery said her Instagram following also jumped from 45,000 to 109,000.

“Honestly my personality is a little crazy, wild and free, and I think there is usually nothing more liberating than being out and being like, ‘ah get your t**s out,’” Emery said, describing it as an “addictive wave of positivity.”

While reflecting on her KO win celebration, Emery said: “I literally just knocked this girl out, walked off as if it was still in slow motion. Why not do that?’”

When asked if she has gotten in any trouble with BKFC or athletic commission officials for flashing the crowd in Bangkok, Emery said: “I’ve been completely enable to continue to be myself and so I shall.”

The former model admittedly “dropped maybe a few hints” prior to her celebration to “make sure I wasn’t really going to lose my job.”

Emery revealed that she plans on repeating her daring celebration at her next fight.

“For sure. I’m trying to get it to a point where maybe there is going to be a reflection of a sea of t**ties just looking back at me and this army of salute from men to women,” she said. “Let’s get it.”

Emery said her OnlyFans account helped her to “survive” during the COVID-19 pandemic, when she lived in the jungle in Thailand.

She shared that she has something in the works with OnlyFans and “a competitor” following her flashing moment. She also has photo shoots booked to continue producing content for her OnlyFans subscribers.

“That’s where I learned how to kick and punch. I used my OnlyFans money to save up and eventually start to live a little bit different from a ladle and a bucket of water,” she said.

Emery — who is a former Lingerie Football League football player — won the bout after a right uppercut and left hook that sent her opponent crashing to the floor, where she remained during the victor’s celebration.

A former electrician, Emery had never competed in the sport of bare knuckle prior to her first-round, knockout win. She has competed as an amateur in MMA, however.

This story first appeared in the New York Post and was republished with permission.

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