Australian Open; Hannah Green set to play with fiance Jarryd Felton in Melbourne

Hannah Green was the first female to take on the boys and win a professional mixed-gender event.

She’s also the reigning champion for the Vic Open, where for nearly a decade the men and women have played on the same course at the same time, but for their own trophy

It leaves the major winner better placed than most to tackle this week’s historic Australian Open where for the first-time anywhere in the world a national title will be contested in the same manner as the Vic Open, a format which she said world golf should be more keen to embrace.

Green, the world number 20, left 45 men in her wake at Cobram Barooga Golf Club in southern NSW in February when she won The Players Series Murray event, a week after her Vic Open triumph.

But the 2019 PGA champion thinks the scale of a national open, with not only big names playing but a thirsty golfing public keen to see the first major event in Melbourne since 2019, could create a different atmosphere.

“I think it‘s just a little bit different because I think there’s some really big names. because I’ve only played the format at the Vic Open, and we had great crowds but Cam Smith is playing Adam Scott is playing,” Green.

“You know these guys haven’t played at home for a while and we’re in Victoria where everyone loves sport, I think that might be the hard thing you know, playing with the crowds that they’re going to draw.

“Hopefully I do draw my own crowd but even just like hearing a cheer from another fairway that might impede me while I’m hitting my shots, so just things like that might be a little bit different.”

Green’s excitement levels are extra high this week because the format also allows her to play on the same course, at the same time as her fiance and fellow pro Jarryd Felton.

But there is also some slight trepidation should the scoring feats of one gender not match the others.

“I hope that the scoring towards Sundays is similar, because I feel like people could take it the wrong way if we play well or if we don’t play well,” she said.

The Open is the last event in a long year for Green, who battled serious homesickness during the Covid pandemic, unable to make the regular trips to Perth that were crucial to the happy mental state which aided her on-course.

But with the world now back to some sort of normal, and those trips home more regular, Green is primed to finish her 2022 on a high.

“Sometimes towards the end of my seasons, I feel like I just want to get finished. But this week I‘m actually really looking forward to playing at home,” she said.

“I did three hotel quarantines and I just can‘t believe I ever did it and that it was a thing. So I’m so glad that that’s finally over and I have the flexibility to come back and forth.

“I feel like the crowd hopefully we cheering a little bit louder for me when I hit a close so I feel like it’d be nice to just feed off them. Obviously I don’t get that too much when I play in the US so I’m just excited.”

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