AFL Trades: Jordan De Goey rejects Collingwood contract offer, Star slammed over ‘bomb’

Collingwood star Jordan De Goey has been slammed for his decision to knock back Collingwood’s five-year deal.

The Magpies star’s contract circus took an extraordinary twist on Monday with reports he has rejected the club’s $4 million offer.

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Reports have revealed De Goey has rejected the offer because it includes behavioural clauses that would allow the club to cut the deal after two seasons if the footballer fails undisclosed behavioural demands.

Midway through the season, De Goey caused a storm when he was seen partying in Bali during the bye-week break.

De Goey’s response also raised eyebrows, initially slamming the “relentless pursuit and persecution of athletes by the media” and linked his ADHD diagnosis to the Bali incident.

Soon after he release a stage-managed video apologising for the incident through the Magpies social media.

Both the Pies and De Goey both were furious about the incident reportedly but the 26-year-old was as revelation as the Pies went all the way to the preliminary final, losing a one-point thriller to the Swans.

The Pies had previously withdrawn a four-year deal after the Bali incident but had put a five-year deal worth $800,000 in front of De Goey.

But the midfielder has reportedly rejected the contract due to behavioural clauses in the deal.

The deal would mean that after two seasons, the Pies could walk away from De Goey because of behaviour problems but he reportedly wants more clarity as to what would trigger a breach.

He is said to have hit out at the clauses for being “too broad and arbitrary”.

The report stated “a club source said the Magpies had not given up of re-signing De Goey and remained hopeful that a deal could be reached”.

However, The Age’s Michael Gleeson told 3AW the situation was “sounding far more pessimistic”.

St Kilda are said to be the only club circling the wayward star.

De Goey also has a long rap sheet during his AFL career.

It’s why Fox Footy AFL 360 co-host Mark Robinson on Monday night slammed De Goey for holding out when the club has stood by him.

“Well, bad luck (Jordan) – Collingwood stand your ground,” he said.

“You know Jordan, you got your hand back no doubt, you played magnificent football. But you’ve got a history and the club has said: ‘We will pay you a lot of money but we want you to behave’ – and you’re saying you want specifics about my behaviour? No common sense!

“We’re not going make a list of if you do that you’re OK, if you do that no you’re out.

“Common sense behaviour! You’re a man! Take the deal.

“If you don’t want the deal, you don’t want to make the changes – goodbye! You are just a footballer, that’s all you are.

“You’re a good footballer but you are not bigger than the club.”

The Herald Sun’s Jon Ralph told Fox Footy’s On The Couch the development is a “little bomb” in the ongoing drama.

Robinson said Collingwood should consider a backflip to keep ruckman Brodie Grundy, who is reportedly being shopped to the Demons in a salary cap dump that would see the Magpies pay some of his wages.

“I hope (De Goey) stays, but if he’s digging in saying: ‘I don’t know about my behaviour’, Collingwood and (club president) Jeff Browne should say: ‘OK thanks a lot, we’ll keep Brodie Grundy’,” Robinson said.

“One of them has got to go – if his 800 (thousand per year) goes, then Grundy can stay. So this is a really big decision by Collingwood. Do they buckle to De Goey after what’s happened? Wow.”

De Goey was fined $10,000 by the AFL in March for his involvement in a late-night incident in New York last year.

He has a long list of other offences as well, including road offences such as speeding while driving a sports car as a P-plater, driving while suspended and using a handheld device, drink-driving on his P-plates, and lying to Collingwood after breaking his hand in a bar fight.

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