AFL concedes missed calls against Ginnivan in Collingwood, Hawthorn thriller

The AFL has conceded Collingwood forward Jack Ginnivan should have been awarded free kicks on numerous occasions after coach Craig McRae sought clarity on a series of decisions.

There has been public discussion as whether or not the livewire deserved some of the calls in Collingwood’s thrilling four-point win against Hawthorn.

On three separate occasions, Ginnivan attempted to draw a free-kick, going lower at the football and asking questions of the opposing tackler, a tactic that has worked in favour for the 19-year-old.

However, it seemed that youngster’s preceding character of winning free-kicks has turned on him in the Hawthorn game, with umpires during the match not rewarding the small forward and essentially not falling for his efforts.

McRae publicly announced his desire to seek knowledge surrounding the decisions made, saying he’d be in contact with the AFL.

“We just got some clarity around it and the conversation was around Jack’s free kicks or not free kicks,” McRae told Fox Footy.

“They said that they missed a couple and it was unseen on one other as well.

“It is what it is.

“There was just a couple (of free kicks) missed, that’s all.”

McRae has also encouraged his players to continue to get to the ball first, challenging the tacklers and their technique.

“We teach our players to take on the tackle … and there’s different forms to that.

“I believe it’s a skill to be able to get the ball, pick it up, drive into the tackle or use your arms to get over the tackle.

“We’re constantly just evolving our players to be able to use that as a technique or a skill.”

Ginnivan has been awarded 19 free kicks in his 10 games this year, including receiving four in games against the Crows (round 2) and Eagles (round 4).

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